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The company administrator reviews the questions, the recipients, and completes additional details in Finalize & Send before the survey is sent. 

  • Managers and employees do not have access to create and send surveys to other employees; only Company administrators have access to create and send surveys in the HRIS module.
  • The company administrator can make the survey anonymous or choose to see each employee and their response.
  • The survey can be sent immediately or on a future date. 

To finalize and send a survey to specified employees:

1.    Select survey from list of available surveys from HRIS > Surveys.

2.    Select Finalize & Send.

3.    For Will this survey be anonymous?, choose Yes or No. 

4.    For This Survey should be send out:, choose Immediate or On a specific date.

5.    If On a specific date is chosen, enter date in MM/DD/YYYY format.

6.    Enter the date the survey should be completed and signed.  

7.    Click Send Survey.

8.    Choose an email TEMPLATE.

9.    Enter a SUBJECT.

10.  Customize MESSAGE.

  • Fields in [ ]s are mapped with data from EaseCentral.
  • Specifically, do not delete or edit [URL] as it will take employees directly to the specified survey.

11.  Click Send.  

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