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After creating all survey questions, company administrators can specify the employees to receive the survey.

  • The survey can be sent to the Entire Company, all employees in certain organization groups, like Locations, Departments, Divisions, Job Classes, or Job Titles or to specific employees.

To select employees to receive the survey:

1.    Select Choose Your Audience

2.    Mark the box next to the organization types to receive the survey.

  • For all employees, mark Entire Company
  • To select specific employees, mark Custom.

3.    Select from the Organization type options by marking the box next to each.

  • The EMPLOYEE COUNT denotes how many have been selected.
  • Selected employees are listed in alphabetical order by last name.

4.    If an employee does not have an email address, return to Employee > Logins and add one.

  • Surveys are only sent to those with a work email.


1.    To specify employee(s), enter the name(s) of the employee(s) in the Search for an employee field. 

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