The Company Directory is accessible to company administrators, managers, and employees. It displays all employees in EaseCentral along with his/her JOB TITLE, LOCATION, EMAIL, and WORK PHONE. 

  • The Directory is defaulted to the Photos View. 
    • This will display any photos uploaded for each employee in EaseCentral.

Employees can be filtered by organization types so only employees in the selected Location, Department, and/or Division display. 

  • Only those set up in Company > Profile > Organization are available.

To filter by organization type:

1.    Click down arrow next to organization type.

2.    Choose organization type from list.

To find a specific employee:

1.    Enter their name or a portion of their name in Search.

If employees should not have access to view specific organization types

1.    Click Actions.

2.    Choose Customize Filters.

3.    Select/Deselect which organization type filters are accessible to employees.

To generate a directory file:

1.    Click Actions.

2.    Choose Download.

3.    Access Microsoft Excel file containing the directory information for each employee.

The List View option displays all employees in a quick list. 

  • This option may be useful if employee photos have not been uploaded.

To access the quick list:

1.    Click Actions.

2.    Choose List View.

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