When company administrators first access the HRIS page, they see a quick view of important company-related events that have occurred within the previous 14 days or that will occur in the upcoming 14 days. 

  • Events include new employees in the New Hires section, terminated employees in the Turnover section, employees who have Work Anniversaries, and any Birthdays within 28 days from the current date.
  • Each employee with an event within this timeframe is listed. 


  • This page shows the company-related events automatically if the following fields are completed for each employee in Employee > Profile.
    • HIRE DATE in Employee > Profile > Employment 
    • TERMINATION DATE in Employee > Profile > Employment 
    • BIRTH DATE in Employee > Profile > Personal 

To access an employee profile directly from Events:

1.    Select an employee's name from the list. 

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