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A company's Work Schedule is defaulted as eight hours per day. If the company has a work schedule that differs from eight hours per, a new work schedule can be added.

  • If the company's work schedule is eight hours per day for all employees, no action is needed in Time Off > Work Schedules. 
  • If any of the company Policies accrue time off per Pay Cycle, Pay Schedules must be configured. 


  • This option may be used for employees in different Eligibility groups (e.g., Locations, Divisions, Departments, or Job Classes) that may have different work schedules. 
  • When employees in these Eligibility groups request time off, the hours they request per day that are subtracted from their balance will be based on their Work Schedule. 

To add a work schedule:

1.    Select Add Work Schedule

2.    Enter NAME.

3.    Choose FIRST DAY OF WEEK.

4.    Enter hours for each day. 

5.    Click Add Work Schedule