When importing a census to EaseCentral, it is important to follow the instructions. 

  • We use a .csv format that is easily saved from an Excel or other commonly used spreadsheet. 
  • Our header row verbiage is very specific to corresponding fields in Easecentral and they must match exactly. 
  • You do not need to copy and paste the census data into our format. It can be more efficient to take the header rows from our spreadsheet and paste them into your spreadsheet.  
  • We recommend taking the header row verbiage from our example template and pasting it into the appropriate column headers in your report. 
  •  The columns don't have to be in a specific order, as long as the column header matches the EaseCentral header row options. 
    • For example, column B in our sample All-inclusive.xlsx  has an employee’s first name, you can have your employee’s first name in any column and as long as the header row is titled "First Name" the information will import. 
  •  The information in the rows must also match match corresponding selectable fields in EaseCentral. 
    • For example, Relationship (this is required if you are importing dependents), use one of these values only: Spouse, Spouse-Ex, Child, Child-Step, Child-Domestic Partner, Child-Adopted, Child-Fostered, Child-Grandchild, Child-Legal Guardian, Domestic Partner. 
    • No other verbiage will be accepted.

To import employees, see:

Import Census Options:

  • All Inclusive This template is the most comprehensive and includes all fields in EaseCentral. Use this template to import employee demographics, work information, and elections at the same time. This is the most commonly used import template. 
  • Standard Census - This template can be used to import basic information about an employee like name, birth date, hire date, scheduled hours, and salary.
  • Email Addresses - Use this template to import employee email addresses which are used for employee login purposes.
  • Salary + Effective Date Update -  This template is used for updating salary based benefits (e.g., Life/AD&D, LTD, STD) when and if an employee has had a salary change and the benefits need to be updated to reflect the new salary. 
    • The new salary MUST be included in the Compensation Amount field for the benefits to properly update. 
    • It is best practice to also include the Compensation Start Date, if known. 
    • Be sure that the coverage amount is listed in the appropriate Import ID column. 
      • If importing LTD benefits list the monthly benefit; STD the weekly amount. 
      • Do not load the full salary as the coverage amount unless it truly is a 1x salary benefit. 
  • ACA Hours Import - For companies using our ACA module, use this import template to import hours worked per paid period for variable hour employees.
  • ACA Hours Import (Monthly) -  For companies using our ACA module, use this import template to import hours worked for variable hour employees. This format will break out hours by month in a separate column. Hours are entered in each month's column and will be populated in the ACA module with a "from" date as the first of the month and a "to" date as the last of the month.  This template should not be used for data that is to be imported per pay period.
  • ACA History Import - The ACA History Import in Employees > Actions > Import History can be used to import historical employee status and type changes, earnings updates, and enrollment history that may have existed prior to the EaseCentral portal implementation for ACA reporting purposes.  
  • ACA Employee Import - If a company is using the EaseCentral ACA module but does not already have employees, dependents, and/or enrollments populated in the company portal, use the ACA Employee Import Template to add employee and enrollment data. The ACA Employee Import Template can also be used if a company only has partial employee, dependent, and/or enrollment data for the current reporting year. For example, currently terminated employees who were active during the reporting year can be added using the ACA Employee Import Template.  
  • Time Off Balance Report - Use this import template to import current balances during the implementation of EaseCentral's Time Off feature. This import can also be used to add hours to an employee's current balance. "Set" will upload or override the balance amount currently in EaseCentral. "Add" will add hours to the existing balance.