During the open enrollment process, track employee progress and send reminders to employees via email as well as generate reports and forms from EaseCentral.

1. Track Open Enrollment status using the Progress tool in the Benefits > Progress page.

2. Emails can be sent to employees who did not complete their elections during open enrollment using the Message Employees tool in the Benefits > Progress > Actions > Message Employees page.

  • The same message may be sent to those that have not started and those in progress.
  • Or, by removing one or the other, content can be customized for the appropriate audience.
  • Do not remove information in [ ], as they are mapped to include employee and company data.
  • Click Send.

3. Identify coverage tier or plan changes in the Enrollment Changes report in Benefits > Reports > Enrollment Changes.

4. Generate Employee Forms in Benefits > Reports > Enrollment Forms


  • If the carrier only expects forms for employees with changes during open enrollment, choose ENROLLMENT CHANGES ONLY when generating Enrollment Forms. 

  • When all information has been selected and marked, click Generate.
    • Forms are generated and available in Reports > Generated Reports.

5. Additionally forms can be generated for SPECIFIC EMPLOYEES ONLY.

  • Access the employee's Benefits.
  • Click Actions and select Enrollment Forms.
    • Forms are generated and available in Reports > Generated Reports