When a Full-Time employee has a work status change and becomes a Part-Time employee, he/she may no longer be eligible for benefits.  


  • The field TYPE is not used to determine eligibility. 
  • SCHEDULED HOURS PER WEEK can determine eligibility if the plans are set up with an hours requirement.   

To change an employee from Full-Time Eligible to Part-Time Ineligible:

1.    In Employees > [employee] > Profile > Employment, change TYPE to Part-Time.  


3.    Adjust the employees SCHEDULED HOURS PER WEEK. 

  • A list containing lines of coverage to be terminated is provided.

4.    Provide an EFFECTIVE DATE and REASON.  

5.    Click Save.  

6.    Go to employee's Benefits and verify that all appropriate coverage has been terminated. 

View the Configuring Plans > ELIGIBILITY solution for more information on how to set up eligibility rules using SCHEDULED HOURS PER WEEK