The EaseCentral portal is configured to only display employee elections once the employee has signed enrollment forms. 

  • Employee elections do NOT display in employee records, reports, forms, or in Manage Changes until the employee signs their enrollment forms. 
  • A message displays on the employee's profile if there are pending benefits for which the employee has not yet signed.  
  • Any changes made on behalf of employees by broker or company admin users are immediately displayed on reports, forms, employee records, and Manage Changes.

As a best practice, it is recommended that the Pending Elections report is run regularly to review those employees that have yet to complete their enrollments.

1.    Click Reports.

2.    Click Available Reports.

3.    Choose Pending Elections.

4.    Click Run.

5.    Click Ok.

6.    Access report from Generated Reports.

Employees with pending elections are also displayed in Manage Changes under the STATUS of Pending -  Elections (Not Signed)

  • These changes are for information only and cannot be processed until the employee has signed their forms.