Notification documents or links added will display to employees the next time they log in. If either the REQUIRE REVIEW or REQUIRE SIGNATURE options are selected, the employee will be prompted to View Documents on their EaseCentral dashboard the next time they log in. If a document or link is added outside of the open enrollment window, and employees must view or sign a document or link mid-year, the best practice is to select the REQUIRE REVIEW or REQUIRE SIGNATURE option when adding the document or link, and then Send Logins to all employees who must view or sign that document in the Logins page in the Actions menu. The Logins filter on the Logins page can be set to All to send the email to all employees about reviewing the new document. An example of when this may be used is when the employer announces a new policy and all employees must review and acknowledge. 

Documents or links added in the Notifications page will also show to the employee the next time they walk through the enrollment experience if they have not already viewed the document.  

Note: REQUIRE SIGNATURE will only display as an option if Onboarding is enabled in the company portal's Marketplace page. 

Specific documents added to the Notifications section can also be set up so they are only displayed to employees assigned to specific organization types like LOCATIONS, DIVISIONS, DEPARTMENTS, or JOB CLASSES. Similar to how eligibility rules are handled on Benefits > Eligibility pages, if all organization types are able to view the document these options can be left blank. If No LOCATIONS, DIVISIONS, DEPARTMENTS, or JOB CLASSES are selected all employees will be able to see the document added.