The library contains documents a company wishes all employees to see and is accessible to employees when they log in to their dashboard. 

  • The general document library can be made accessible on the login page either without a password or with a generic password used by all employees.


To show the library on the at login:

1.    From Documents > Library, click Actions and choose Library Settings to show the library link on the login page and to .

2.    Set a universal password if preferred.

  • If a password is entered it will be automatically saved when you close the pop-up window.

Folders can be useful to organize the client's resources in the Document Library. For example, you may want to add a folder for HR related documents like employee handbooks and policies, a folder for new hire related documents like a payroll schedule, and a folder for benefit-related documents. 

To add a folder:

1.    Click Actions.    

2.    Choose Add Folder.

3.    Complete required information and click Add Folder.


To add documents:

1.    Click Actions.

2.    Choose Add Document 

3.    If you created folders, specify the folder in which the document or link should be included. 

4.    Select the file or paste the URL desired. 

5.    Enter the DISPLAY NAME. 

6.    Add a DESCRIPTION.

  • It displays beneath the document name in the Document Library.

7.    Click Add Document.