The benefit plans for your company will al be listed in the Plans page. This includes eligibility, rates, contributions, enrollment forms, and any supporting documentation. You can click on the plan under the Name heading to see eligibility, rate and employee contribution details. To view closed plans from previous plan years change the STATUS filter from Open to Closed. If you have questions or concerns about how the plans are built, please refer to your Broker Account Manager for more information.

A number of plan management tasks can be performed on the Benefits page:

Enrollment Progress tracks the progress of employee election statuses in the EaseCentral system. In Progress means employees have started to enroll, but did not complete all elections or sign forms. An employee with a Finished status means they signed their application. Use the Status counter for an overview or click on Actions > Generate Report for individual details. Progress details will only display employees that are eligible for a benefit in EaseCentral. 

Reset Progress will default the progress back to Not Started for all employees. This should be done prior to each open enrollment in order to get an accurate progress report starting from the open enrollment start date once open enrollment starts. When progress is reset the most recent reset details are available on the Progress dashboard. 

Custom messages can be emailed to employees in various stages of enrollment, e.g., Not Started, In Progress, Finished, or any combination of the three. Messages can be filtered by any of the Organization types added for the company if the Company Administrator would only like messages to be sent to specific groups of employees, or separate messages to be sent to each. Messages will only be sent to employees eligible for at least one benefit. 

The Enrollment Dates page will also display which employees can enroll and in what capacity. View the Open/Lock Enrollment Help Desk solution for more information and instructions. 

Green: Unlocked - An employee can enroll without a Qualifying Event (i.e. New Hire, Open Enrollment, etc)

Yellow: Unlocked - An employee can make changes but must provide a Qualifying Event within 30 days

Red: Locked - An employee cannot enroll or make benefit changes but demographic changes are still allowed

The Reports menu will allow you to generate election and plan-related reports. View the Enrollment Management Reports Help Desk solution for more information and instructions. 

The Compensation Statements option will allow employers to communicate the value of benefits and employer contributions to an employee’s overall employment offering.

To turn on Compensation Statements for employees, enter a current date in Plans > ACTIONS > Compensation Statement > SHOW STATEMENT DATE. From that date forward, or until the HIDE STATEMENT DATE specified, employees can view the statement from their dashboard by clicking Benefit Statement. 

View the Compensation Statements Help Desk solution for more information and instructions.