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From the Logins page, select employees Without Login and click the box next to the employee name to choose who to generate a guide for. Be sure that the employee does not have an email address listed. Click Actions >  Generate Login Guides.



A preview of the guide will pop up. Make any necessary edits or updates, but be sure to leave the data in brackets as is. The guide can be saved by clicking Save Guide. Note this will save any changes made to the verbiage. We recommend keeping the guide verbiage generic so it can be used for all employees. Click Generate when finished.

After clicking Generate, go to the Reports tab at the top of the page to access the report titled "Login Guides."



There will be one PDF per employee. The URL to the portal will be included in the guide as well as the employee's username and password. It is extremely important that this information is handled with care and the most secure methods are followed when storing and communicating this information. 


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