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Usernames and passwords can be generated for employees that do not have email addresses.  There are two options: Login Guides and Excel Document. Login Guides can be distributed to the employees in person at new hire orientation, open enrollment meetings, or included with their pay stub. The Excel Document is commonly used with a mail merge template. It is very important that these documents are stored and shared in a secure manner as they contain private information. Instructions for both options are below. Passwords assigned with either of these methods do not expire. 

Usernames can be imported in if the company prefers to assign usernames. Required fields on the import are EID, First Name, Last Name and Username. Login Guides still need to be generated for employees with company assigned usernames. 


*Please note: Employees with email addresses should always be sent logins from the Logins page by clicking Actions > Send Logins. As a best practice, send login information to employees with emails separately from those employees who do not have emails. It is not recommended that Login Guides or Excel Documents are generated for employees with email addresses.

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