Broker partners or clients interested in the HRIS module can view an informative and in-depth demo of HRIS by EaseCentral before enabling it in Company > Marketplace.

EaseCentral’s HRIS includes powerful PTO, performance reviews, company stats, and more. HRIS uses the same login and employee information from benefits enrollment, making setup painless. 

EaseCentral HRIS includes the following HR features:

  • Time Off Tracking ­ Employees can easily request time off within fully customizable company policy parameters. Company Administrators can quickly review, approve, and manage time off requests
  • Team Calendar ­ Track team capacity and employee time off
  • Stats ­ View company growth, demographics, and key performance indicators in a centralized dashboard
  • Employee Surveys ­ Gauge employee satisfaction and gather anonymous feedback about company initiatives
  • Company Directory ­ Provide easy access to employee and team contact information
  • Organization Chart ­ Achieve objectives by clearly illustrating relations, responsibilities, and communications between people within the company
  • Performance Reviews ­ Support employee development by aligning and tracking goals.

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