Offers of employment may be made by employers and accepted by applicants within the EaseCentral platform. Company Administrators would send an offer letter to the applicant prior to the proposed hire date. Onboarding must be enabled in the Marketplace page in order for employers to have access to the Offer Letter feature. 

Custom Documents can be used as the Offer Letter displayed to applicants when offers are made. Please see the Adding Documents and & Links Help Desk solution for instructions for creating Custom Documents. Personalized Offer Letters can also be created for each applicant as well, see below. 

The offer letter is created by first adding the applicant in the Employees > Actions > Add Employee page. Applicant must be selected in the STATUS field in order for offer letters to be presented to an applicant prior to onboarding and initial enrollment.   

Add any known applicant informatIon in the Personal and Employment pages. It is recommended that data is entered in the MANAGER, HIRE DATE, SCHEDULED HOURS PER WEEK, COMPENSATION TYPE and COMPENSATION AMOUNT fields on the Employment page, if known. 

The Offer Letter will be configured on the Employees > Documents > Offer Letter page. 

Add the OFFER DUE DATE, or the date prior to which the employee must log in and accept the offer. 

If you would like all benefit options to display to the applicant based on his/her eligibility select the SHOW BENEFIT OPTIONS? check box. 

By selecting the ACTIVE EMPLOYEE? field, the applicant will automatically be updated from the Applicant to Active status, allowing the now employee to complete onboarding requirements (e.g., emergency contacts entry, W-4 withholding, I-9 employment authorization, direct deposit entry, and acknowledgment of employer documents) and their initial enrollments. The employee will only see their benefit options if the SHOW BENEFIT OPTIONS? option is selected. 

Next click on Create Offer Letter. Use either a Custom Document created on the Documents > Custom page which will display as a TEMPLATE or add a New Offer Letter using instructions from the Adding Documents and & Links Help Desk solution

Once the Offer Letter is created, additional documents can be added and displayed after the employee is prompted to accept their offer letter by choosing the Actions > Add Document, Add Custom Document, or Add Link options.

Additional documents can be uploaded to the applicant's Documents > Shared or Private pages. Documents on the Shared page will display after accepting the offer letter with any other Custom Documents added in addition to the Offer Letter. Documents on the Private page will not display to the employee, but will be saved in the employee's Documents page for reference by the Company Administrator. 

When the Company Administrators is ready to send the offer to the applicant choose Send Offer

Enter the applicant's personal email address, the manager or Company Administrator's email address, and make any edits or updates to the email subject line or content. Do not edit the [URL] at the bottom of the email template which will send a unique link to the applicant. The OFFER URL can also be copied and sent to the applicant outside of EaseCentral or used for reference. 

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