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The Requests page will display all time off requests entered into EaseCentral by HR Managers, Managers, or Company Administrators. The page will show Requests that have not yet been approved by default. The STATUS can also be filtered by Approved, Denied, and Canceled requests. HR Managers, Managers, and Company Administrators can approve, deny, or cancel each request by clicking Edit next to each employee request. 

The Manage Time Off Request will display all appropriate information needed for the HR Managers, Managers, or Company Administrator to take an action. HR Managers, Managers, or Company Administrators will see a quick view of the total hours requested, hours available, and the employee's balance if the time off request was approved. 

The request can be approved by changing the STATUS from Requested to Approved or Denied

If the employee's time off request should be tracked as unpaid, the UNPAID checkbox should be selected. This may be used when an employee is allowed to request time off when there is a negative balance, and the time off taken will be tracked as unpaid. Unpaid time off will not subtract hours from the employee's paid-time off balance. 

The STOP ACCRUAL? option is used typically when an employee is requesting a Leave of Absence. When employees are on a Leave of Absence in many cases they should not accrue time off during the time they are on Leave. The STOP ACCRUAL? option will stop accruals from all policies, in addition to the policy type the employee has requested. 

The employee's time off request can be edited at this point or later if the request needs to be updated. If the employee cancels their time off request HR Managers, Managers, or Company Administrators can change the STATUS to Canceled

The OPTIONAL MESSAGE TO EMPLOYEE will be included in the email alert sent to the employee as soon as the time off request STATUS has been updated and saved. 

Managers can access time off Requests on the Time Off > Approve Requests page in their dashboard. If there are pending time off requests an alert will be displayed on the Time Off icon, as displayed below. 

Managers can also filter time off requests by their STATUS. Managers can approve, deny, or cancel each request by clicking Edit next to each employee request. 

Managers and Company Administrators can see additional details about the requests by using the Info button. 

The Generate Requests Report will create a report of all requests entered into EaseCentral during a specific date range. Navigate to the REPORTS menu to access the Time Off Requests Report. This report can be used to communicate time off taken hours for entry into a payroll system to appropriately record and track paid and unpaid time off each pay period.  

The report identifies the date range for time off taken, the Type of time off policy, whether the time off was tracked as Unpaid, whether it has already been Approved, and the total number of time taken for the request. 

Employees can request time off on their DASHBOARD when they log in by clicking Time Off. 

Prior to giving access to employees to request time off, please make sure to upload employee time off balances to reflect current balances within the policy year. If a Lump Sum policy does not include Initial Hours in the Policy, make sure the balance is set appropriately for new hires before they request time off. Balances can be imported in the Employees > Actions > Import Time Off Balances page. 

*Use the Time Off Balance Template to populate balances for each employee and run batch imports.

Employees will only see balances for Vacation, Paid Time Off, Sick Leave, Personal, and Floating Holiday policies.

The employee can enter their time off request by clicking Actions > Request Time Off.

The employee will enter the policy TYPE, START DATE, END DATE, HOURS requested, and REASON. If the employee is requesting a half day off, they will select the checkbox next to the day they would like to Request Half Day. When the employee clicks Add Request, an email is sent to their manager and HR manager. If no managers are listed on the employee's profile no one is notified of the time off request. 

Employees see only the requests they have entered into EaesCentral on the Request Time Off page. Employees do not see other employee requests unless they are a manager, e.g., are listed as another employee's Manager on the Employee > Profile > Employment page.