• Import or enter manager assignments

Employees > Employment

  • Import or enter employee demographic and work-related data

Employees > Personal

Employees > Employment

  • Add Locations, Departments, Divisions, Job Classes, and Job Titles (as needed)

Company > Profile > Organization
*Note: Please contact your broker if new organization groups are added or edited. Changes may affect benefit-eligibility

  • Select Locations, Departments, Divisions, and Job Class Filters visible to employees when searching for employee colleagues in the Company Directory

   HRIS > Directory > Actions > Customize Filters

  • Upload employee photos

Employees > Personal > Update Photo


  • Generate an Employee census

Employees > Actions > Generate Census

  • Add missing employee personal or employment-related data under the following columns:

Birth Date
Hire Date
Termination Date

  • To assign Managers, add a column with the title of “Manager”. Enter manager assignment next to each employee

  • To assign Locations, Departments, Divisions, Job Classes and Job Titles, enter the organization types exactly as entered on the Company > Profile > Organization page next to each employee

  • Save the file as a Comma Separated Value/.csv file

  • Import employee data

  • Employees > Actions > Import Employees

  • Establish Time Off Policies

          HRIS >Time Off > Policies > Actions > Add Policy  

  • Upload employee time off balances

Employees > Actions > Import Time Off Balances

*Use the Time Off Balance Template to populate balances for each employee and run batch imports.