EaseCentral offers custom reporting that allows you to create your own report with only the desired fields included. Our census reports will include all information, so if there is a report that will commonly be needed you can create your own pared down report here. To build a custom report please follow the steps below:

1. Go to the Reports tab located in the blue bar at the top of the window.

2. Click on Custom Reporting then click Actions > Add Report

3. Enter the Report Name. We recommend entering a name that will be a clear indicator about the type of data included in the report (e.g., "Enrollment Report with Deductions" instead of "Sample Report"). The report name will then be displayed as a report option in the Company > Benefits page. Click Add Report after typing the name.

4. Once the report is added, select which fields should be included on the template. Click the plus (+) sign under Available Fields to add them to the Selected Fields section. The Selected Fields will be populated when the report is generated.

5. The fields will be automatically saved as they are added to the Selected Fields list. If the data needs to be in a specific order on the report, simply click on the value and drag and drop to the proper display order.

6. To run the newly created report, go to a Company > Benefits page and click Reports. The name of the report will be listed in the drop-down menu. Check the box next to the plans to be included on the report and then select the report to run from the Tasks menu. The report will be available on the Reports page.

7. Click on the report name to open. It will open in Excel and will display all data fields selected in step 5.

Once a Company Administrator builds a custom report, it will be shared and accessible to all Company Administrators in their employer portal in the Company > Benefits > Reports page. There the reports can be generated for any specific plan or combination of plans.

View a more detailed overview below about how Custom Reports can be added and used by agency employees and Company Administrators in EaseCentral.