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Company Administrators can enter a qualifying event on behalf of the employee.



  • The Add Qualifying Event action entered by the Company Administrator will not display to the employee when they log in. 
  • The only way EaseCentral prompts an employee to sign forms due to a qualifying event is if the employee enters the qualifying event themselves
  • If the broker or company administrator has locked all employees from managing benefits without assistance by entered a Company Wide Lock Enrollment Date, see Lock Enrollment for details to allow employees to make qualifying event changes.   

To add a qualifying event: 

1.    From Employees > [employee] > Benefits, click Actions.

2.    Choose Add Qualifying Event.

3.    Continue for one of the following Qualifying Event Changes:

To review how an employee makes enrollment changes based on qualifying life events, click here.

Also, please view the below video to see the employee experience when losing coverage elsewhere or enrolling in other coverage. 

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