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Please view the below video for how to set up and manage Open Enrollment and Lock Enrollment Dates

Employees are allowed, by default, to make benefit changes during their new hire eligibility, open enrollment, and throughout the year by entering a qualifying event. Company Administrators do have the option to lock enrollment so that employees cannot enter qualifying events outside of their new hire or open enrollment window unless initiated by a Company Administrator. To enable Lock Enrollment, enter today's date in the Benefits > Lock Enrollment > COMPANY WIDE LOCK ENROLLMENT DATE field.

Employees that log in after the COMPANY WIDE LOCK ENROLLMENT DATE will no longer be able to make enrollment changes unless open enrollment is activated, or if the employee is in their new hire period, which is from the employee's hire date until 30 days after their benefits effective date. Any employee that logged into the system would be limited to only viewing their benefits.



Employers can still allow employees outside of their new hire or open enrollment window to make changes due to a qualifying event if the COMPANY WIDE LOCK ENROLLMENT date is in effect. Employees would notify the Company Administrator when they need to make changes due to a qualifying event. The Company Administrator can enter a date in the Unlock Date (30 Days) field and the enrollment option will be enabled for 30 days after that date so the employee can enter his/her life event change. If the padlock icon   status is locked on the employee’s record disable the padlock by clicking on it. This date can also be entered on the employee’s profile on the Coverage tab in the UNLOCK ENROLLMENT DATE field. When a date is entered in the Unlock Date (30 Days) on the Benefits > Actions > Open/Lock Enrollment Dates it will also update the UNLOCK ENROLLMENT DATE on the Employee > Profile > Coverage page and vice versa. 


Tip: If the employer only wants to give the employee 10 days to make qualified event elections, the UNLOCK ENROLLMENT DATE can be entered as a date 20 days in the past.


The Enrollment Dates page will also display which employees can enroll and in what capacity.


Green: Unlocked - An employee can enroll without a Qualifying Event (i.e. New Hire, Open Enrollment, etc)

Yellow: Unlocked - An employee can make changes but must provide a Qualifying Event within 30 days

Red: Locked - An employee cannot enroll or make benefit changes but demographic changes are still allowed


If an employee's benefit effective date should be different than the effective date assigned by the new hire waiting period or open enrollment, enter that effective date into the BENEFIT ELIGIBLE DATE field. The BENEFIT ELIGIBLE DATE would typically be used in circumstances when employee statuses change from part-time to full-time, when an effective date override needs to occur, or if there is an acquisition. The date added to the BENEFIT ELIGIBLE DATE field will also update the employee’s profile on the Coverage tab. If you are unsure whether or not to populate this field, please contact your broker.


The LOCK field can be used if you wish to restrict any benefit changes made by an employee on an individual level.

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