Brokers, Company Administrators, and employees can view a summary of employees' per pay period benefit costs by accessing the Enrollment Summary. The Enrollment Summary displays the plan election, enrolled dependents, and employee costs broken down into pre-tax and post-tax amounts on a per pay period basis. If the employee waived a benefit this is displayed on the summary as well.

Employers can view or print the enrollment summary for all employees at one time, or on an individual employee basis.  

To view/print Enrollment Summaries for all employees, select Enrollment Summaries in the Plans > Tasks menu. 

Printable Benefit Summaries will appear as shown below. 

To view/print an individual employee Enrollment Summary, select Actions > Enrollment Summary in the Employees > Benefits


Web-based/viewable Benefit Summaries will appear as shown below. 

Employers can distribute current Enrollment Summaries to employees before open enrollment, so that employees can view and verify their current elections before enrolling in the new plan year. The Enrollment Summaries can be distributed to employees after open enrollment, so employees can have a record of their recent elections view their total per pay period employee cost.