When you access the ACA module in EaseCentral, company administrators and brokers will immediately see the ACA Dashboard which quickly provides an overview of the employer’s status as it relates to Employer Shared Responsibility. The Dashboard identifies any actions that are required on behalf of the Company Administrator.


Action Required

If hours of service are missing for variable-hour employees and need to be loaded for a particular time frame, an Action Required alert will be identified on the Dashboard. This alert will display if hours have not been imported for any Variable-Hour, Part-Time, or Seasonal employee within the last 30 days. 


Part-Time, Variable-Hour, and Seasonal employees using a Look-Back Measurement period or Full-Time employees in a Monthly Measurement period who have been determined to be eligible and are not in an ENROLLMENT STATUS of Finished on the ACA > Employee page will be displayed on the Dashboard in the Action Required section. Employees' eligibility status will display on the dashboard for the upcoming or current Stability period will be updated on the dashboard upon completion of the Measurement Period. When the next Measurement Period is completed, during the Administrative Period, the employee's eligibility status will display on the dashboard for the upcoming Stability period if the employee does not have an election (enrollment or waiver). Emails can be sent to employees in the eligible list notifying them they are eligible and to log in and complete their elections by selecting Actions > Send Message.

For example, if John Doe has just completed his Measurement Period, ending 10/31/17, and is determined to be a Full-Time employee based on his hours worked for the upcoming or current Stability Period of 1/1/18, and has not made an election previously (enrolled or waived), he will display on the Dashboard as eligible for benefits. If John Doe had previously been measured as a Full-Time employee in a previous Measurement Period, and made an election (enrolled or waived) in EaseCentral, he would not be displayed on the dashboard.  

If John Doe has just completed his Measurement Period, ending 10/31/17, and is determined NOT to be a Full-Time employee based on his hours worked for the upcoming or current Stability Period of 1/1/18, and is currently enrolled in a medical plan, he will display on the Dashboard as no longer eligible

For plans set up with a MINIMUM SCHEDULED HOURS PER WEEK on the Benefits > Eligibility page, the SCHEDULED HOURS PER WEEK in the Employee > Profile > Employment page will automatically update upon completion of the Measurement Period. As long as hours are not adjusted or imported in the previous Measurement Period, the SCHEDULED HOURS PER WEEK will continue to display based on the Stability Period associated with the previous Measurement Period. 

IMPORTANT: Prior to sending the email notification to employees, please follow these steps to prepare the employee's profile so they will properly be able to enroll once notified. 

The Dashboard alert will only display if the Auto-Eligibility option is enabled on the ACA > Settings page. 


Note: All employees must have an Employment Status selected on their Profile > Employment page in order for the ACA module to complete calculations. 

Overview > Eligible Employees

Employees who were measured and determined to be full-time and eligible are added with the full-time employees to determine the total amount of eligible employees. The number displayed is the total of full-time and eligible variable-hour employees added together. 

Limited Non-Assessment Period Employees

Employees who are not eligible because they are considered to be in a Limited Non-Assessment Period will also be identified in the dashboard. A Limited Non-Assessment Period generally refers to a period during which an ALE Member will not be subject to a penalty for a full-time employee, regardless of whether that employee is offered health coverage during that period. Employees in a Limited Non-Assessment Periods, must be offered coverage at minimum value by the first day of the first month following the end of the period. Limited Non-Assessment Periods include:

  • First Year as ALE Period
  • Waiting Period under the Monthly Measurement Method
  • Waiting Period under the Look-Back Measurement Method
  • Initial Measurement Period and Associated Administrative Period under the Look-Back Measurement Method
  • Period Following Change in Status that Occurs During Initial Measurement Period Under the Look-Back Measurement Method
  • First Calendar Month of Employment

MEC Percentage

The MEC PERCENTAGE (Minimum Essential Coverage) is calculated by dividing the number of employees that were offered coverage by the number of employees that were eligible to receive coverage. Large Employers that do not offer Minimum Essential Coverage to at least 95% of their full-time employees and dependents could be assessed the Penalty A.

Actions > SYNC

Clicking the SYNC button at the top right of the dashboard will trigger the system to compute the data on demand instead of reloading every time you make changes in the ACA module. If any updates are made to ACA module settings, hours, history, or the employee’s record that could have an impact on the ACA data, please be sure to click the Sync button so the data is refreshed in the ACA module. Please note, syncing is required for viewing updated data on the Dashboard, 1094-C, 1095-C and Reporting pages. 

The SYNC option can also be used to refresh the eligible and ineligible employees lists on the dashboard. A Daily Eligibility Determination task will update the  eligible and ineligible employees lists each night, but the SYNC option can update these lists mid-day and as updates are made to employee data in EaseCentral that would affect eligibility. 

Actions > ACA Census

The ACA Census report will list every employee that was active during each month of the reporting year. Each employee will list their "Active", "ACA Eligibility", and "Lowest Cost Plan" status for each month. Active indicates whether the employee was active/employed for at least one day during that month. ACA Eligibility indicates whether they were Full-Time according to ACA rules (Full-Time in the Employee > Profile > Employment page or 130+ hours imported over their measurement period). The Lowest Cost Plan indicates the lowest cost plan available to the employee that month and will be blank if no plan was available.

With this new format, you can easily tell which employees affects the MEC Percentage. For example, if you see an employee as Eligible but with a blank Lowest Cost Plan, then the employee was not offered coverage when they should have been.

Note: The ACA module requires that all active and terminated employees in EaseCentral must be assigned a hire date. If there are any employees in the portal who are missing a hire date, click the Click here to manage Employees link and enter a hire date for each employee with missing information. 

Actions > History Report

This report givers all ACA-relevant employee profile history for the past two years to help troubleshoot errors.  The employee history may also be reviewed on the Employee > Profile > History tab.

Actions > W2 Report

This report gives the total cost for the year of each of the four ACA Medical plan types (Medical, Medical Supplemental, Medical Buy Up, Medical Limited).  The total cost from this report can be used to report the total cost of coverage on Box 12 of the employee's W2 with code DD.

Actions > Acknowledge / Clear Acknowledgement

Clicking the ACKNOWLEDGE button will remove the selected employees from the Dashboard.  Clicking the CLEAR ACKNOWLEDGEMENT button will clear acknowledged employees and cause all newly-eligible and newly-ineligible employees to be shown on the Dashboard.

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