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If your company or broker subscribes to EaseCentral Enhanced Onboarding, employees will be asked to enter emergency contacts, W-4 withholding designations, I-9 required identification, and direct deposit details when they complete their onboarding and enrollment in EaseCentral. Onboarding options will be displayed to newly hired employees based on the number of days specified in Marketplace > Human Resources > Onboarding > Onboarding Preferences.

View the below quick video to see the new hire onboarding experience from an employee's point of view. 

Employees can enter any emergency contacts that should be referenced if needed by the employer. 

If onboarding is activated for your company's portal, employees will enter their W-4 filing status and any additional withholdings and allowances. 

State W-4 forms will be generated along with the Federal W-4 form W-4 (STATE LEVEL) is enabled in Marketplace > Human Resources > Onboarding >  Onboarding Preferences and the employee is a resident of a supported state. We are continuing to add state W-4 forms to our list of supported states on an ongoing basis. 

At this time this information is not mapped onto any state tax forms for non-supported states but can be referenced and updated in payroll if needed. 

When employees are at the I-9 step in the onboarding process they will be asked to confirm their citizenship and enter evidence of identity and employment authorization by uploading identifying documents from the IRS list of acceptable documents. 

Employees will then enter their banking information for direct deposit purposes in the Direct Deposit step of the onboarding process. 

Accessing Employee Onboarding Information:

Company Administrators can access Emergency contacts entered by employees  in the employee's profile in the Contacts page. 

The completed and signed W-4 and I-9 documents will be available in the employee's Documents > Shared page in EaseCentral when the employee completes the onboarding process. 

Direct deposit information entered by the employee during onboarding will be accessible in the Direct Deposit tab.