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View a quick video about how to add documents and links to the Document Library in EaseCentral. Or read below for step-by-step instructions.

The Documents section is where company documents like employee handbooks, time off policies, benefit guides, and any benefit related material like contracts, SPDs, and claim forms can be made accessible to employees in one place. The documents and links are stored and organized so employees can view and access new hire documents, required notices, and benefits-related resources all year. 


The library can be accessible on the login page either without a password or with a generic password used by all employees so it's easier for them to remember. The library is also accessible to employees when they log in using their unique username and password. 

In the Documents > Library page Choose Actions > Library Settings to show the library link on the login page and to set a password if preferred. If a password is entered it will be automatically saved when you close the pop-up window.

Folders can be useful to organize the client's resources in the Document Library. For example, you may want to add a folder for HR related documents like employee handbooks and policies, a folder for new hire related documents like a payroll schedule, and a folder for benefit-related documents. To add a folder select Add > Folder at the top right, enter the folder name and then Add Folder.

Once the new folders are created you can start adding documents or links. Click Actions > Add Document at the top right. If you created folders, specify the folder in which the document or link should be included. Select the file or paste the URL desired. Enter the DISPLAY NAME. 

The DESCRIPTION section can be populated to add an explanation or further information that would be useful to the employee.  It will be displayed beneath the document Display Name in the Document Library.


Onboarding documents will display to employees when they are completing onboarding requirements as a new hire. The number of days onboarding will be enabled after the employee's hire date can be reviewed and updated on the Marketplace tab under Onboarding > Customize. Documents added to this tab can be set to REQUIRE REVIEW and/or REQUIRE SIGNATURE. When REQUIRE REVIEW is selected, employees must open the link or document before they can complete their onboarding requirements and sign their W-4 and I-9 forms. If REQUIRE SIGNATURE is selected, the employee must add their signature acknowledgment, verifying that they have read and understood the contents of the document or link viewed, before completing the onboarding requirements. Please note that signature required will capture the date the employee signed the document. A signature is not applied nor mapped to the document.


Notification documents or links added will display to employees the next time they log in. If either the REQUIRE REVIEW or REQUIRE SIGNATURE options are selected, the employee will be prompted to View Documents on their EaseCentral dashboard the next time they log in. If a document or link is added outside of the open enrollment window, and employees must view or sign a document or link mid-year, the best practice is to select the REQUIRE REVIEW or REQUIRE SIGNATURE option when adding the document or link, and then Send Logins to all employees who must view or sign that document in the Logins page in the Actions menu. The Logins filter on the Logins page can be set to All to send the email to all employees about reviewing the new document. An example of when this may be used is when the employer announces a new policy and all employees must review and acknowledge. 

Documents or links added in the Notifications page will also show to the employee the next time they walk through the enrollment experience if they have not already viewed the document.  

Note: REQUIRE SIGNATURE will only display as an option if Onboarding is enabled in the company portal's Marketplace page. 

Specific documents added to the Onboarding or Notifications sections can also be set up so they are only displayed to employees assigned to specific organization types like LOCATIONS, DIVISIONS, DEPARTMENTS, or JOB CLASSES. Similar to how eligibility rules are handled on Benefits > Eligibility pages, if all organization types are able to view the document these options can be left blank. If No LOCATIONS, DIVISIONS, DEPARTMENTS, or JOB CLASSES are selected all employees will be able to see the document added. 

The Required Report, found on the Documents > Library > Actions > Required Report page can be generated to determine which employees have viewed or signed documents that REQUIRE REVIEW or REQUIRE SIGNATURE and on what date. 

Note: Multiple documents and links can be easily and quickly added at once to the Documents > Library, Documents > Onboarding, and Documents > Notifications pages by setting up Document Libraries in the LIBRARIES page. See the Documents Library Help Desk solution for more information about how to create Document Libraries.  


Custom Documents can be created and displayed to employees in the Document Library, during onboarding, and anytime during the year. The Company Administrator or broker can add employer-specific, personalized documents for employees to view or sign. Dynamic fields from their EaseCentral portal will be mapped on the document.

To start, Click Add Document. The document can be created using information already stored in EaseCentral for company name, logo, employee name, manager name, date of hire, compensation, signature, date of signature, etc. The text can be formatted and aligned. Be sure to include the Auto Text EMPLOYEE_SIGNATURE field option if the employee's signature should be added to the document. The PREVIEW option will display the document as it will display to the employee with examples of completed fields. 

If the document should include a signature of a company representative or contact, please enter the NAME, JOB TITLE, and SIGNATURE of the company contact and be sure to include the following Auto Text fields when creating the Custom Document: COMPANY_SIGNATURE_NAME, COMPANY_SIGNATURE_TITLE, COMPANY_SIGNATURE. 

Once the Custom Document is created, the document can be added to the Onboarding or Notifications pages using the Actions > Add Custom Document option. Employees will then view and sign the employer custom documents during onboarding or the next time they log in. If the employee's signature should be included on the employer document, make sure the REQUIRE REVIEW and REQUIRE SIGNATURE options are selected when adding the custom document. If LOCATIONS, DIVISIONS, DEPARTMENTS, or JOB CLASSES are assigned, only employees assigned to these organization types will be prompted to view or sign the document. 


Please note: Any documents posted in the Documents > Library, Documents > Onboarding, and Documents > Notifications pages will be viewable to employees with access to EaseCentral. Personal or private employee information should never be uploaded to these Documents pages.

To share files including personal or sensitive information with the EaseCentral team for review or troubleshooting purposes, please upload these files to the Documents > Private page and notify the EaseCentral Success Team member that the file has been uploaded for review at Files or links uploaded into this section will be automatically removed after 48 hours.

To add documents and links to plans please see Configuring Plans > Documents. 

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