There are various reports found in your portal that include benefit elections. 


In Company portal go to Benefits then the Reports drop-down menu. Reports and forms are listed here. 

Select the plans you would like to include in the report by clicking the checkbox next to each plan name. The Census reports are generated in Excel and includes both demographic information (e.g., name & address), in addition to plan specific election information (e.g., election, monthly premium, monthly employee cost). If the benefit plan allows for dependent elections, (e.g., medical & dental) the dependent demographic and election information are also included on this report. These reports can be used for spreadsheet or census enrollment. This can also be used for marketing with other carriers.

The Vertical and Horizontal reports have the same information but are formatted differently. The Census (Vertical) will have each employee benefit enrollment on a separate row. The Census (Horizontal) will only have one row for each employee and each benefit listed in a separate column.  

The Consolidated Billing report can be used for many purposes. It will include the total premium and the per pay period employer and employee costs. Employers can use this report to:

  • Audit their carrier invoices or to help with self-billing process for any self-billed plans like Voluntary Life/AD&D
  • Allocate benefit costs to different employee departments or divisions
  • Determine and populate new employee payroll deductions into payroll

Enrollment Forms will generate a compressed file which will include one pdf file for each carrier and all employee forms within the same pdf file. 

If forms are only needed for employees with enrollment changes, select the ENROLLMENT CHANGES ONLY option which will identify changes from the previous plan year and only generate enrollment forms for employees who had changes. Enrollment Forms can also be generated for any employees specified by selecting the appropriate employees from the SPECIFIC EMPLOYEES ONLY drop-down menu. 

Note: If generating forms for enrollment changes only, all plans in that plan type must be selected (e.g., if the company has three medical plans all plans must be selected before running the report). A separate Enrollment Changes report should be generated for each plan type. 

In order for EaseCentral to determine changes, there must be a PREVIOUS PLAN selected on the Plan > Profile page for all of the current plans. There must also be enrollments populated in EaseCentral in plans for both plan years. EaseCentral will identify any differences between the two plan years. 

The Enrollment Summaries report will generate one file with an enrollment summaries for each employees. These reports will display an employee's demographic and work information, dependent information, each plan option, and whether the employee and his/her dependents enrolled or waived. Benefit costs will also be displayed. The summaries can also be accessed on an individual employee basis on the Employee > Benefits page. Enrollment Summaries can be distributed to employees prior to or after open enrollment to notify them about their current or previous plan selections. 

The Enrollment Changes report will display plan and coverage tier changes by plan. It is designed to compare enrollments from the previous plan year to the current plan year. This report will help identify only changes that may need to be communicated to carriers at open enrollment. This report would be referenced during open enrollment whereas the Manage Changes reports (found in the REPORTS menu at the top) would be used throughout the plan year to identify new enrollments, terminations and qualifying event changes. 

The Enrollment Changes report requires that two plans years are set up so the system can compare enrollments from one plan year to the next.

The Eligibility report identifies whether employees are eligible or ineligible for specific plans based on their Employment data, including DIVISIONS, LOCATIONS, JOB CLASSES, DEPARTMENTS, and SCHEDULED HOURS PER WEEK. It is a best practice to generate this report after plans are set up and before testing or before the site is deployed to the employer. 

The Beneficiaries report will produce a report showing all beneficiaries entered in the system, which plans they are allocated to as well as the allocation percent. 

The Configuration Report will generate an excel report that displays how each plan is configured in EaseCentral. It will display eligibility rules, rates, contributions, and attached documents and forms. 

Any reports listed underneath the Configuration Report are Custom Reports you or any other company administrator at your company created in the REPORTS > Custom Reporting menu.