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Payroll Frequency Defaults

It would be helpful if it was possible to select the one or two payroll frequencies used by a company. This way when employees are imported or entered the field is autofilled in only those two choices come up. If this is not possible most of my clients are weekly so if we could change the default to weekly that would be good.

The best solution here is to add pay cycle to your employee import.  You could choose from the multiple options listed in the employee profile screen-monthly, weekly, bi-weekly, etc. Once you upload the file, the pay cycle would be pre-populated.  

While I agree including the payroll frequency field while importing is an OK way to address this, I find that 95%+ of all small business clients have just one payroll frequency for all employees/classes. Why not simply have the Enrollease software allow you to choose the employer-level payroll frequency when setting up the company? Then all new employees added would default to that frequency, and could be edited at the employee level if needed.

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Great point Bradley. I have been using the import option as much as possible but when you add new employees it is just an extra field that needs to be changed (not 1 of my clients pays on a monthly basis). If we could set a default that would be the best.

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Thanks for sharing. 

This request is on our new features roadmap and will be addressed shortly after our new release this summer. 

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looking forward to it

I too would like to choose the employer-level payroll frequency when setting up a company, as most of my clients are all bi-weekly and it's just an extra step when adding new hires.  I don't see that this is an option yet....Can someone tell me when it will be released?

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Hi Melissa, 

We have received this request and agree, for those companies who have one pay frequency it would be efficient. This is something we are considering for our product roadmap but at this time we don't have an ETA.



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