Enrollment Activity Notification

You can now view the enrollment activity of all your groups with one report, alleviating the need to view the progress details report for each group individually. Log in to your broker portal and click on the Reports button on the upper right.  Next, click on the Enrollments button in the upper right and you will be able to select the date range you would like to include.  Then click Generate report and the system will produce an excel file which details all of your groups with enrollment activity.  If the group is not listed, there has been no enrollment activity.

Click the link below for a detailed view of this.

Ongoing Enrollment Administration-Enrollment Reports

This is a great feature. I think taking it one step further would be AMAZING.

The step I suggests is a single button that can be pressed to download all the pdf enrollment forms for the changes.

Plus my CSR team wants you to bring back the feature that sent them the daily email with the excel file that listed all the changes. I understand that it is available for them to go in the system and click a few buttons to just download this form but.... for some reason they were VERY ADAMANT that you should bring this feature back.

I really like this new site and the flexibility that was added. A bit of a learning curve and not a fan of the light blue text coloring but overall a great version update.

Sorry... I meant to add I like this feature and would love to know how to use it in the new EaseCentral. The new system will only show me one employee at a time.

Hi Jeffrey,

Thanks for the feedback!

The Activity Reports will soon be live in EaseCentral and will allow you to run one report that shows all changes for one or all of your employer groups. We are working on additional features that would streamline the ability to pull carrier enrollment forms for employees with changes as well. 

The daily notification emails will soon be turned back on as well. When these are re-activated Company Administrators will also be receiving an alert when their employees make changes.

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