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Allow applicants to see their cost for benefits before signing offer letter

The new Offer Letter feature is a great tool, but the workflow misses a key step when you consider how the offer letter/acceptance process actually works (especially in the Bay Area).

Astute applicants want to know how much their benefits will cost them before agreeing to a total compensation package. This is especially true for an applicant who has a family of 5, and needs to know if she will have to pay $100/paycheck or $1,000 to add her family for medical insurance.

The EC workflow appears to allow employees to view the benefit summaries and information, but not actual cost to the applicant. Most small group plans are age-rated, so the system would need to be able to collect DOB's of the applicant and all family members at minimum, to show this information.

If the applicant had this option, it would greatly streamline the recruiting/new hire process for many of our employers, and would dramatically increase adoption of the added EC features such as offer letter, onboarding -- as well as generating more interest in the buy-up to HRIS.

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Thank you for the feedback.  This is a logged request so we are reviewing if this is an enhancement we can provide.

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