Generating Forms for Changes Only, Company Administrator Access by Location, New and Enhanced Feature Webinar, and Guarantee Issue Amounts

Generating Forms for Changes Only 

In addition to generating enrollment forms en masse for all enrolled employees, enrollment forms can now be generated for specific employees, or only for employees who had coverage or plan changes from the prior plan year. Coming soon, agency employees can also choose to generate only either enrollment or waiver forms.

Generating forms for only enrollment changes uses the same logic as the Enrollment Changes report. Forms should be generated for one plan type at a time. 

Please see the Help Desk for more detailed instructions.

Company Administrator Access by Location

Now, Company Administrators can be permitted access to employees by company locations. Permissions to locations can be granted in the Employees > Profile > Login page. Company Administrators would only see employees’ personal, employment, and benefits data for employees assigned to the selected locations. The Location security level can now be selected in addition to the compensation restriction.

Please see the Help Desk for more detailed instructions.

New and Enhanced Feature Webinar

We will be reviewing some of the recent live updates and enhancements to EaseCentral in a 1-hour webinar on Wednesday, June 7, 2017 at 11am PT. We'll discuss best practices and how brokers can maximize value from EaseCentral by using some or all of EaseCentral’s new features. You can register for the webinar below:


Tip of the Week (Video)

Watch the tip of the week, Guarantee Issue Amounts: Watch