Test Employees, COBRA Enrollments, Plan Premium Report, and Employee Pay Cycles

Test Employees

Employees can now be set up and designated as Test Employees in EaseCentral. These employees can be used to test the enrollment experience in EaseCentral and will not be counted in reports (e.g. Census and Consolidated Billing reports). Employees can be assigned a Test Employee status in Employee > Profile > Employment > Status > Test. Brokers or Company Administrators can log in as the Test Employee to validate the enrollment experience. Test Employees will only see the green button actions and no other action item (e.g., Company Directory).

Please see the Help Desk for testing best practices.

COBRA Enrollments

Employees with a COBRA status in EaseCentral will now be able to log in and enroll in COBRA benefits. During open enrollment, employees with a COBRA status can log in and make election changes to COBRA-eligible plans. Also, when employees and their enrollments are terminated in EaseCentral, and their status is then changed to COBRA, employees will be able to log in and elect or waive COBRA coverage in EaseCentral. The COBRA effective date will need to be entered in the Employee > Profile > Coverage > Benefit Eligible Date field before the employee logs in. 

Plan Premium Report

All Agency employees now have access to the Plan Premium Report in the Available Reports page which highlights participation rates for each carrier and each plan offered in EaseCentral. The Premium Report identifies total premium paid, broken down by employee and employer costs, for all employer portals set up under the agency. Data can be filtered by company, plan, plan type, carrier, and more. Going forward, we recommend assigning a carrier to every plan added in EaseCentral to get the most usage of this report. 

Tip of the Week (Video)

Watch the tip of the week, setting employee pay cycles: Watch