EaseCentral Updates: Enrollment Survey Customization and Manage Changes Report Improvements

Enrollment Survey Customization 

Now agency teams can add questions that display to employees when they complete the survey in EaseCentral after finishing their enrollment. The question can be added as a Custom Field on the Company > Customize > Fields page using the “Enrollment Survey” Type. Employees will have the option to provide their answers or feedback to the specific questions entered.

Employee responses can be generated in report format by choosing Benefits > Progress > Actions > Enrollment Survey Report under the company portal. Employee survey responses will not be included in the Reports > Feedback page.

Manage Changes Report Improvements

The Manage Changes updates are now live. All new employee, dependent, and beneficiary additions as well as new e-signatures will display in Manage Changes. Previously, if new employees were added by only entering data in the Add Employee window without any additional information (on the Personal or Employment pages, for example), the employees would not display in the Manage Changes report until demographic or benefit changes were also entered. In addition, if new dependents or beneficiaries were added, they would not be included in the Manage Changes report. Prior to this update, if an employee logged in and did not enter any profile or benefit changes but did sign forms for the first time, a record of this change was not clearly displayed in the Manage Changes report. The new update ensures all of these changes are identified and agency employees and company administrators are alerted.

Tip of the Week (Video)

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