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HSA Match

 Hello, would it be possible to put in a feature for an HSA match? What I mean by this is that an employee can elect to match up to X amount per pay period/month/year for the employees. For example I have a client who will match an employees contribution up to $25 per month, but right now if I add a contribution to the HSA plans it's annual and isn't driven by what the employee puts into the account, making it look like the employee will get the $300 per year regardless of what they do.

We do put in a blurb that the HSA is a match, only if they put the same amount, but if something could be built that would allow us to say "employer matches HSA contribution up to X amount" then the employee will see the match amount once they put in an amount themselves instead of now where they see the amount if they don't add anything themselves.

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