EaseCentral Updates: Remaining Deduction Periods Automation, 1095 Forms, and Terms of Service

Remaining Deduction Periods Automation

EaseCentral can now use the Pay Schedules on the Company > Profile page to automatically calculate the remaining deduction periods for new hires who are hired mid-plan year. For any plan with “Use Remaining Deduction Periods” selected on the Benefits > Eligibility page, EaseCentral will reference the pay period start and end dates found on the Pay Schedules page to determine how many pay periods are left in the plan year. This feature is commonly used when employees are hired mid-year and need their annual FSA election divided over the remaining pay periods in the plan year.

Note: If Pay Schedules have not been added, employers can continue to use the Remaining Pay/Deduction Periods field on the Employees > Employment page.

1095 Forms

Employees can find 1095-B or 1095-C forms in the Documents section of their EaseCentral account. Once the ACA forms are generated in the EaseCentral module, employees are prompted to view the completed forms on their dashboard the next time they log in. The 1095 form that displays to employees will always be the most up-to-date form for the reporting year.


Terms of Service

A system update next week will require all current and new EaseCentral users to agree to the Terms of Service on the Login page before logging into EaseCentral. The update is primarily to clarify commonly asked questions by users and references new EaseCentral features including HRIS and payroll and carrier integrations. Brokers, company administrators, and employees will also be prompted to view and agree to the Terms of Service in order to access EaseCentral.