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Enrollment Summary - auto email to group admin

I have had several clients ask if there is a way they can get an enrollment summary automatically sent to them when an employee completes their enrollment.  Many of my clients use this summary for payroll since they need to take premiums out of employees' paychecks before the changes show up on the invoices.  I try to remember to send the enrollment summaries each time, but it sure would save me time if it was sent automatically.

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Please, please, please make this happen. An auto generated email would be very valuable.

Hi EaseCentral - Any chance this is something that can be added soon?  It would be so very helpful!

I agree that this would be a great feature for our clients!

We agree this would provide value to Company Administrators. However, an email that includes employees health enrollment data is in many cases not compliant with HIPAA regulations. Additionally, many Company Administrators would likely find these emails cumbersome during open enrollment. 

Currently, Company Administrators do receive email notifications when there are employee changes in their EaseCentral portal as long as the Daily Change Notification option is selected on their Employees > Profile > Login page. They can access changes for new hires or qualifying events by filtering the STATUS option to Pending - New Hire or Pending - Qualifying Event. Then can then generate Enrollment Summaries by choosing this option under the Actions menu. 

We will evaluate ways to make this process more efficient for Company Administrators in the future. 


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How about a more detailed email that would go to just the broker administrators. It would be helpful to know who made the change (a fellow broker admin or the employee) as well as a bit more detail so that we can update the carrier as to the changes, etc..

What additional detail are you looking for in the email, please let us know what you are thinking. 

Manage Changes does show who made the change there. During open enrollment would you still be looking for a list of all employees making changes. Listing the employees to brokers is also not within HIPAA rules, this information should not be included in an unsecure email to anyone. 

What about just an email that goes to the HR Admin when the EE completes enrollment the same way that they get the onboarding completion email? 

This also falls within the lines of HIPAA because it implies the employee enrolled in benefits. We have been advised not to send unsecure email mentioning employees that enrolled or finished an enrollment. 

We are evaluating other options that would list the types of changes made in the system, and the HR Admin and Broker would at least know a new hire enrollment was entered and then they can log in, go to Manage Changes, use the New Hire filter to see who made the change. If there are other ideas other than listing the employee's name and details in an email please let us know. 

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