EaseCentral Updates: Open Enrollment Updates and Eligibility Configuration

We are continuing to make new enhancements and resources available to brokers and employers.  
Open Enrollment Updates
In the upcoming weeks, we will be rolling out enhancements to open enrollment in EaseCentral. When available, open enrollment can be turned on for specific plans without requiring other non-open enrollment plans to be closed from the employee view. When open enrollment is turned on, employees will see their current elections for non-renewing plans in addition to the plans that are eligible for open enrollment. Employees will only be able to make changes to the plans included in open enrollment.
Newly hired employees will also be able to complete their new hire elections for the current plan year during the open enrollment period. Previously, all new hire elections had to be completed prior to the open enrollment start date. Going forward, employees hired during open enrollment will make their new hire elections first and then will be prompted to complete their open enrollment plan elections. The appropriate effective dates will be calculated based on the employee’s hire date, waiting period, and open enrollment effective date.
Eligibility Configuration
If a plan requires a specific Division, Location, Department, or Job Class in the Benefits > Eligibility page, an employee must also have that specific Location, Division, Department, or Job Class assigned in their Employees > Profile > Employment page in order to view this plan option. Previously, if an employee’s Location, Division, Department, or Job Class was unassigned, he/she would still see all plan options including plans with Division, Location, Department, or Job Class requirements. If employees are not assigned to a Division, Location, Department, or Job Class, they will not see plan options that require one or more of these organization types.

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