EaseCentral Updates: Company Administrator Import, Open Enrollment Updates, Signature Requirements, and Employee Feedback

We are continuing to make new enhancements and resources available to brokers and employers.  


Company Administrator Import


Agency employees can now easily import multiple companies and company administrators into EaseCentral with one import file. The company import template is found in the broker’s portal on the Companies > Actions > Company Admin Import page. In addition to the company name and company administrator contact details, assigned agents and teams can also be imported.


Open Enrollment Updates


We will soon be rolling out enhancements to open enrollment in EaseCentral. When available, open enrollment can be turned on for specific plans without requiring other non-open enrollment plans to be closed from the employee view. When open enrollment is turned on, employees will see their current elections for non-renewing plans in addition to the plan options that are eligible for open enrollment. Employees will only be able to make changes to the plans included in open enrollment.


Newly hired employees will also be able to complete their new hire elections for the current plan year during the open enrollment period. Previously, all new hire elections had to be completed prior to the open enrollment start date. Going forward, employees hired during open enrollment will make their new hire elections first and then will be prompted to complete their open enrollment plan elections. The appropriate effective dates will be calculated based on the employee’s hire date, waiting period, and open enrollment effective date.


Signature Requirements


EaseCentral is now enforcing stricter rules for employee signatures. Previously, employees could enter their signature as a small dot to complete the enrollment. Now, any signatures entered by employees on the Sign Forms page will need to be a certain length to be recognized as complete.


Employee Feedback

Agency employees and company administrators now have access to view feedback and comments provided by employees after they complete onboarding and enrollment in EaseCentral. Employee feedback can be viewed from the Reports page in EaseCentral. Feedback will display the employee’s name, company, optional star-rating, and comments if provided. The rating is between 1 and 5, with 5 being the best rating. Feedback details can also be downloaded into a .csv report format.

Agency non-administrators will only see feedback from companies they are assigned to. Company administrators will only see feedback from their own company. As a best practice, feedback can be reviewed weekly in order to identify and address employee questions.