EaseCentral Updates: Email Notifications, Rate Quoting, Plan Details, Employee Pay Cycle , Custom Reports, and the new Underwriting Plan Type

Email Notifications


Company administrators now get a confirmation email from EaseCentral Support when employees complete their onboarding requirements and sign required onboarding forms in EaseCentral.


Employees now also get a confirmation email from EaseCentral Support when they sign enrollment forms after completing new hire, qualifying event, or open enrollment requirements.


The email notifications are turned on for all company administrators and employees and can not be disabled at this time.


Rate Quoting, Plan Details


When generating a Rate Comparison Report in EaseCentral, if the plans are added from a Rate Library that includes plan details such as deductibles, office visits, or prescription costs, these plan details will also be included in the Rate Comparison Report.


Plan details are also populated in the Benefits > Profile page when rates are added to plans from Rate Libraries that include plan details in addition to rates.


Employee Pay Cycle 


It is best practice to select the Employee Pay Cycle in the Company > Customize page prior to initially importing employees into EaseCentral. Any employees added or imported after the Employee Pay Cycle is set will automatically be assigned the specified pay cycle. Employees will then see their per-pay-period benefit costs automatically calculated by their pay frequency.


If the Employee Pay Cycle is not selected prior to adding employees, the benefit costs will be displayed as monthly and the Employee Pay Cycle will need to be manually added or imported separately for each employee to display the per pay period benefit costs.


Custom Reports


We disabled company-wide shared custom reports for brokers. Only reports that you create will be available to you as a custom report. Employers will continue to have custom reports shared company-wide.


Underwriting Plan Type


A new Underwriting plan type is now available when adding new plans into EaseCentral. This will allow employees to select potential plan options and answer health history questions for underwriting and self-funding purposes in EaseCentral. The underwriting information will be separate from the Medical plan type so any underwriting data will not override current medical enrollments.