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Plan selections

I am fairly sure this will be something that is a Q4 project or Q1(2017) project.

1. Make waiver a plan selection not a toggle between waive/enroll.  I have had several complaints people don't see the plans they are offered. This is because they don't understand they need to change the waiver drop down to enroll.

I think this would also help my sales. In many cases people think disability insurance is unaffordable (especially LTD). Due to waiver being the default option people don't see it and waive on a bad assumption.

2. Show all options for certain voluntary plans all at once.

Example: Voluntary Life is a drop down menu of amounts but the price does not appear until a choice is made. Most people are not the best at doing math in their head. So either adding the price to the drop down choices or just having that page show all the choices with their respective prices.

We've launched a new "look and feel" over the weekend that should resolve this issue. Now employees will still have to change from Waived to Enrolled, but they will automatically see their plan options.

I appreciate the attention but I can see someone still being confused. IN this case they may think they would be enrolled in the Anthem HMO plan. It has a check mark on it. We are not confused because we are in this business but the "regular person" may be confused.

The other side of the coin could be true. They see the check by a plan and think they are being forced to choose a plan.

In addition to Jeffrey's comments, it would be better to have the option show as present tense (particularly for new hires), rather than past tense, as the employee is making an active election at the time they access the system for the first time (i.e. enroll, elect, waive).  

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