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Payroll Vendor

I like the new feature where EaseCentral can work via delayed sync with several payroll vendors.

I would ask that in an effort to keep up with people like Benefits that EC look into creating a relationship with a payroll company as a PREFERRED vendor. That vendor and EC could work closely together to deeply integrate and have a faster or real time feed.

The reason I point this out is that I am running into EC loosing value in the eyes of employers. The reason is that employees typically use their payroll vendors system everyday or much more frequently than EC. Thus many employers want us to duplicate work done on EC with their payroll vendors website.

If EC had a preferred vendor it would create more value to EC and I am sure EC could get a commission/fee for clients who join the payroll vendor - helping offset programing costs.

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We do have preferred vendors and are launching our integration with vendors like Trax and Paylocity in Q3 and will announce other integrations with preferred payroll providers as they become available. 

Great. I think a well programed API would work great coordinating real time integration.

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