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Open/Lock Enrollment - Qualifying Events & Mid Year plan offerings

I would like the ability to open enrollment by benefit.


1. A client may initial not want a benefit offered like voluntary life. Then in 3 months they are ok with it being offered. Many clients who are new to benefits thanks to the ACA fines incentivizing large employers to start offering benefits now. Many times the employers only want Medical or Medical and one other benefit offered to employees at that time for reasons of focus or participation. 

Adding a mid-year plan is difficult as you have to go and change the enrollment end dates for all the current plans. If you don't do that employees are allowed to change their elections in the system.

2. Qualifying Events do not allow all benefits to be Open. It may be only medical or medical and dental, so forth and so on.

Example. An employee had medical and only medical coverage at their spouse's group plan. Then that company changes to benefits the employee does not like they can request a change to join the employee's employer's plan. That event would not allow them to also join their own employer's dental/vision programs.

If you want to be take this to the ULTIMATE next level. You could also drill down to which people it effects and allowed changes.

Example 1. A child who looses eligibility in Medicaid/CHIPS. If the employee had medical, dental and vision several dental and vision carriers will not consider that loss a qualifying event.

Example 2.  if for example the employee has kids and step kids. The step kids are the ones who loose MEDICAID; the natural children are not eligible to enroll for that reason.

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Also, ability to open only HSA, commuter plans for mid-year changes - it would be great if they would stay open, but in the absence of that, it would be ideal if requesting an HSA change didn't allow you to change all your plans.

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