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Signature Completion

I have a major carrier who requires signed forms. They are hospital run insurance company and are super uptight on this point. Plus I seem to be a magnet for employers who want the employee's signature on everything.

1. My CSR wants to have the daily report of changes only include those for when an employee signs off on them. Or at the very least another column that shows if the employee signed off on the change.

2. In following with the spirit of Item1.... if an employee elects or changes coverage for a plan that has an associated form with a signature, the system should email an employee daily that the changes will not be submitted for processing until the forms are signed. The employee feedback is "The system did not let me sign". I find this always means the employee gets tot he screen that tells them what they forgot to do or did wrong and they give up.

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Along these lines, even if an employee doesn't have to sign a form, we want them to complete the enrollment process.  I agree that until an employee gets to the end of the workflow, their changes should not show up in Manage Changes. Maybe they would have some sort of reminder on their screen that they aren't done, or maybe they would show with an "incomplete" status in Manage Changes so that they could be prompted to complete their enrollment.  

I'm trying to avoid a scenario where an employee submits elections and then goes back in and changes their elections without completing the process - there is currently no way to tell (absent a signed form, which doesn't always apply), whether the EE actually completed the second process, but the second election would override the first.

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