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Alternate carrier forms for midyear changes

As more and more clients use the EC platform to manage their benefits, we see more problems arise with midyear changes (e.g., an employee gets married and wants to add the spouse to coverage).

While many carriers will accept the same primary employee enrollment form that is used for a new hire, or at open enrollment, several carriers have unique change forms. In some cases, you can still get away with using the regular enrollment form (Kaiser for example, will take it even though they also have a change form for active subscribers). Others require a specific, alternate form (CalChoice, Covered CA).

The workaround still creates problems: Add both the standard enrollment form and the change form as documents for the plan(s). The problem here is that you have inserted an extraneous and confusing second form for new hires. And those making changes would also be completing/signing the primary enrollment form.

What I would like to see is the option to load both form types for each carrier plan, but for the EC system to only show/populate the appropriate form, based on simple logic rules re: the employee (e.g., if they are entering a qualifying event, use the change form; if a new hire, use standard enrollment form).

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Mapped change forms and logic to include the appropriate form at the appropriate time will likely be rolled out in Q3 of this year (2016). Stay tuned. 

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I would GREATLY appreciate you adding a related feature. I would like any and all forms signed by employees to be stored in the employees record for the company contact and us to access at any future time. The reason this is related is that any time I update a form for a plan to a new form the old signed forms DISAPPEAR unless I add the old form back into the forms for that plan. If I keep the old form the employee is signing the new form and the old form.

Plus if an employee makes a mid year change I cannot access the old form. Given the IRS will be knocking on the doors of our large group clients doing audits to make sure they offered qualified coverage to 70% this past year and 95% for this current plan year (starting next year).... this could be VERY important.

The "forms archive" is very high on our priority list. We will keep you updated with progress. 

Has the change form feature and logic been added?


said 6 months ago

Mapped change forms and logic to include the appropriate form at the appropriate time will likely be rolled out in Q3 of this year (2016). Stay tuned. 

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This feature has been pushed back to Q2 of 2017. Sorry for the delay. We know this is important and requires fundamental logic changes to the system. We will continue to move forward on this update internally. 

Hey Sarah! Would really like to see this happen as well!


Is there an update on this feature request?

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