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Differentiation of post-tax vs. pre-tax payroll deductions

It appears to me that the necessary data is in the system, including specific "pre-tax" and "post-tax" fields in the Eligibility section for a plan. 

Dependents are also identified as spouse / DP/ child of DP, etc. 

There is a field to check to identify an employee as a business owner, and businesses can be identified for a specific tax filing status (e.g., S-Corp).

However, when calculating payroll deductions, both in the consolidated billing report, and when the employee views their deductions when enrolling, it is always shown as Pre-Tax.

It would be super-useful if the system data fields were used to calculate and differentiate pre-tax vs. post-tax.

Example: Employee has domestic partner, and two biological children enrolled on medical plan. Employer does not pay for dependents. The DP is a post-tax deduction, but the children would be pre-tax.

Example 2: Owner of an S-Corp adds dependents to their dental plan. S-Corp business owners may not participate in the Section 125 plan, so their payroll deductions would get designated as post-tax.

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We currently do break out pre-tax and post-tax costs in the Enrollment Summary for domestic partners and children of domestic partners. 

We will soon be removing the tax designation as employees enroll in their benefits screen and will only be displaying whether the deduction is pre- or post-tax on the Enrollment Summary. 

To accommodate S-Corp owners at this time a separate eligibility would need to be set up with the contributions set as Post-Tax in the Plans > Eligibility page. 

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