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Add a new "Documents" feature that mirrors the new "Libraries"

The new Libraries feature is great and will save me hours of time setting up new plans. The next logical step here would be to have similar functionality to add folders and supporting documents/links to the Documents section of an employer portal.

Examples of supporting docs that we build and include in the Documents section for easy reference after the employee enrolls:

  • Links to find network providers
  • More detailed plan summaries
  • Evidence of Coverage docs and plan certificates
  • Supplemental plan information (preventive care, telemedicine options, claim forms, what to do when traveling out of area, how to access account online, etc.) All of these clutter the enrollment pages, but are great to add in Documents for later reference.
Having to build these for every client, every time, take up a lot of time... would be great to be able to add the "2016 Blue Shield medical supplemental docs" right into the Document Library

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We've added your comments to our existing request for this feature. Thanks for the feedback!

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