EaseCentral Updates: Employee Signatures, Marketing Resource Library, New Hire Window, Benefit Allowance, Process Changes, and Remaining Pay Periods

Employee Signatures

We’ve further streamlined the enrollment process for employees by allowing them to view and sign carrier forms on the same page in EaseCentral. Employees no longer have to navigate to another page to add their signature. By combining and simplifying these steps we can better ensure employees finish the enrollment requirements and move to a completed status. 

Marketing Resource Library

EaseCentral offers a Marketing Resource Library to our broker partners that makes it easy to introduce and promote the EaseCentral solution to clients. The Marketing Resource Library includes a number of resources in a variety of media options that provide a general overview about the EaseCentral platform as well as specific features and services. 

TheMarketing Resource Library can be accessed when an agency employee is logged in to EaseCentral by clicking his/her name at the top right corner and then selecting Marketing Resource Library. Each agency employee has a unique co-branded marketing center URL that can be communicated to clients or posted on an agency website or marketing material. When clients request more information in the co-branded Marketing Resource Library, the agency employee will receive an email notification with the company name and requestor's name and contact information.

New Hire Enrollment Window

EaseCentral now allows new hires to enroll in the system up to 30 days after their effective date without having to enter a qualifying event. This option is an automatic system setting and is now available to all employees in their new hire window.

Benefit Allowance

Defined contributions or Benefit Allowance is now available in EaseCentral. We can accommodate scenarios where employers are offering employees a specific dollar amount or percentage of salary to be used towards various benefits. A Benefit Allowance plan type has been added and employer contribution rules/maximums, cash out maximums, and allowable plans will be set up based on the employer’s rules. Please review the setup steps on our help desk or reach out to the Success Team for assistance.

Process Changes 

When an agency employee or a client administrator selects Process Changes in the Manage Changes Report, the date processed and notes are recorded for future reference. This keeps a record of when the agency employee or Company Administrator communicated the enrollment to the carrier, either by forwarding the enrollment form to the carrier contact or updating the carrier's website. 

The new Process Employee Changes option will automatically mark all pending changes to processed for the particular employee chosen in the Manage Changes report. The Process Company Changes option will automatically mark all pending changes to processed for the particular company chosen in the Manage Changes report. 

Remaining Pay Periods

Remaining pay periods can now be applied per plan type. The system will look at the remaining pay periods listed on the Employee > Employment tab and adjust premiums if necessary. To enable simply check the Use Remaining Pay Periods option in the Plan > Eligibility tab.