Open/Lock Enrollment Dates

Open Enrollment Dates & Lock Enrollment Dates have been moved to the Company > Plans > Actions > Open / Lock Enrollment Dates page. Now each employee’s enrollment access can be viewed and managed in one place. This screen will display which employees can enroll and in what capacity by color coding. 

Green = Unlocked - employee can enroll without a qualifying event (i.e., New Hire and Open Enrollment)

Yellow = Unlocked - employee can make changes but must provide a Qualifying Event

Red = Locked - employee cannot enroll or make benefit changes (demographic changes still allowed)

Now employees can be locked from making changes during open enrollment if they have completed their elections by selecting Lock next to their name. 

The Unlock Date (30 Days) can be entered for specific employees if there is a COMPANY WIDE LOCK and the employer would like to allow an employee to enroll by selecting a qualifying event in the Manage Benefits > MAKE CHANGES page. 

If employees have Benefit Eligible Dates that differ from normal waiting periods or open enrollment rules, this date can be entered in this page. This date is now viewable when preparing for open enrollment and easily removed if it no longer applies.