EaseCentral Feature Updates

* Login Guides: You can now customize a guide and generate PDFs for selected employees.

* Login Excel: You can now select specific people to generate logins for in Excel. If you select no one it will by default generate logins for everyone. 

* From Address: You can now specify a from address when sending emails. If an email isn't entered it will default to support@easecentral.com. If there are any issues with a custom From Address we advise using support@easecentral.com or update your internal configuration.

* Plan Sorting: When an employee picks a plan within a plan type the plans will now be sorted by Admin Name.

* Form Selection: We added more clarity to help you pick the proper carrier form within a plan. We also added the ability to view pdfs directly from the auto-complete dropdown.

* Help: We now have a help link for employees when they are logged in. It will show next to their name and it will direct them to a help directory. This directory can have custom text which can be updated in Company > Help Directory. It will list every client admin and if no client admins are listed it will show the agent's information (e.g., name, email, and phone). We have links to employee FAQs on the help desk. 

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