ACA - Aggregated Groups and Unions, Settings Update

Aggregated Groups: We now support Aggregated Groups for the ACA reporting for any set of companies that fall under one of the following three categories:

1) Parent-Subsidiary 

2) Brother-Sister

3) Combined

Even though a company's Aggregated Group can have more than 50 employees and would be considered a large employer, each member of the group would still do its own separate reporting. So, for example, if two companies of an aggregated group each have 25 employees, each company is not an Applicable Large Employer (ALE) individually but together, the combined group is an ALE so each member files independently. 

Each member has to list the other members of the Aggregated Group. Therefore, we now provide a checkbox on ACA > Settings titled, “Employer is an aggregated ALE group member” with additional fields that allow employers to list the company names and EINs of the other member companies. 

* Unions: Because unions are under no obligation to give coverage information to employers, ACA regulations allow employers to report that they made no offer of coverage to union employees (Code 1H) and are eligible for multi-employer transition relief (Code 2E) if the employer has union employees. However, to use these simplified codes, the employer must certify that they contributed to the union medical plans and that the union has certified that the plans are Affordable and Minimum Value. We now provide checkboxes on the ACA > Settings page for the employer to make these certifications. If so, we will use the proper codes as appropriate.