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Ancillary Guaranteed Issue

The problem with open enrollment is that not all plans have guaranteed benefits/enrollment. Example LTD, STD, Life. They are only GI during the initial enrollment or new hire waiting period. After that they require EofI or have lower GI amounts. In some cases there are incremental GI amounts. A policy may allow only a 10% increase per year with GI. 

I know this will require more programing but it would be nice to have multiple GI rules.

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Hi Jeffrey,

You can currently handle various Guarantee Issue rules by entering the Guarantee Issue amounts that may apply to each employee depending on their current enrollments and the carrier's rules. These amounts can be entered into the employee's Profile > Custom > Guarantee Issue page. For more information click here.

I see what you mean Sarah but each time an employee is no longer a new hire you would have to change them to custom guaranteed issue which a task that can easily be missed.  Also you are not able to change this on a spreadsheet and import this in so it is very time consuming.  I believe Jeff's idea would be very helpful if there was multiple option for company wide EOIs.

We do have this request logged and when reviewed we will update our broker partners when enhancements to the EOI process are rolled out. 

In the meantime, we do provide the opportunity for brokers or employers to import custom GI amounts. The GI Plan Types, GI Amount, and GI Date fields allow this information to be imported on a mass basis for employees. 

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I am glad to hear the is in the works. Plus, thank you for the work around. I will try it the next time I have a group open enrollment.

I will add a few more related items to my request:

1. Show the full amount applied for on the application. I recently had a large employer where the app shows only the amount that is GI on it. This created mass confusion and a big problem as the CFO and CEO of the large employer were ones that wanted larger life amounts.

2. Ability to have smarter health questions.


2.A. Several large employer apps now include health questions because there are so many "Virgin" large groups applying for coverage the first time. Plus Level Funded plans are becoming very popular. They do require medical in some cases but only for the initial group.  Thus the ability to turn off health questions for that plan would be good.

2.B. You may say... go to the customize tab and turn health questions off there but the problem is that I would like the ability for the system to be smart. I may not need health questions for health but I may need them for a cancer plan, hospital plan, Life/AD&D over the GI limits, etc. Plus I don't want the employee to be asked for health questions for basic life or voluntary life amounts below GI.

2.C. Several carriers now have the ability to have online EoI forms completed. If you could allow us to add these links that are triggered when an employee chooses an option where EoI is required would be the best for everyone.

How do we pull a report of the GI Amounts that we entered on an employees behalf?  

The Census (Vertical) and Census (Horizontal) reports show the GIs set for each plan type. 

I am in a similar situation with Jeff. 

Currently I have the system require Health Info, but It is only needed for those over GI for the Life benefits yet required for all. I wish the site was smart enough to only require them to fill out the Health Questionnaire if they needed the EOI forms filled, like only if they went over the GI amount or outside of their initial enrollment window.

This is a commonly requested feature and something we have on our roadmap. I'll add you as a requestor and we'll keep you updated with progress. 

Is there any status on this request?   I'm also changing GI to $0 during open enrollment to ensure late entrants are not permitted to enroll unless they have a GI in their profile, however, marking GI as $0 makes all plans show as guaranteed rather than as non-guaranteed.  Additionally, if I mark as $1 (below the increment of $10,000) the $1 shows to the enrollee as an increment even though the starting increment is marked as $10,000.

You do not set the benefit GI to $0 you set each employee and dependent not enrolled to $0.01 (because it cannot be $0). You would also have to download everyone’s elections as their own personal GI. You can download these with a Census import. Note that if an employee or dependent can increase coverage by steps (EE increase by $10,000 - one step - at OE as long as do not go over GI) you have to add that to their current election and make that their GI amount.

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I need this function too.  Most of my carriers have a step up ability to buy more with no EOI if they initially elected coverage when offered.  Principal also allows the no EOI over the GI if they fill out an EOI at the point they cross the GI level but not again the next years.   This seems to have been a issue over 2 years ago and it would be nice to address this since EC is a critical tool to increase participation in voluntary benefits.

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I second that, Jeff.   As we come into our second year of renewals with Ease we are finding voluntary benefits to be a mess.

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